The Basics Of Drawing

The 10 Basics Of Drawing

1. Start by drawing on a regular basis. Similar to learning a new language, the more you commit to drawing on a daily basis, the more you become in tune with your drawing style.

2. Start with short drawing bursts of 5 minutes or less.

3. Carry a notebook or scrapbook with you wherever you go. When you see inspiration for a new drawing, you can take out your notebook quickly and do some rough sketches.

4. Practice free-drawing. This means, draw whatever you like when you feel like. Drawings do not have to be complicated or have a plan. Just draw what your mind freely wants to.

5. Progress is all about doing better in your own work. So don’t compare to others. Focus on improving your drawings only.

6. It is okay not to be the best drawer in the country. Everyone has a unique style. What’s brilliant to you might not be the same for somebody else.

7. Draw whenever you experience good emotions or poor ones. Drawing have been compared to meditation that can be calming to many people.

8. Master your drawing skills overtime. You do not need to be an expert overnight.

9. Learning to draw can be a journey for anyone. Start small and refine your skills as you become more experienced.

10. Start drawing something that is easy to you and then explore more to get further inspiration for new drawings.